For Educators

We value the key role Teachers play in supporting students with speech, language and literacy disorders. It is our privilege to work collaboratively with the whole school community.

Kate is a Teacher AND a Speech and Language Pathologist. With knowledge and experience in both professions, Kate is well equipped to provide a consultation service for Teachers, Teachers’ Aides and the whole school community.

We provide the following services to schools:

  • consultation via phone or email to get advice or ask questions;
  • professional development for Teachers and Teachers’ Aides on speech, language and literacy issues;
  • speech and language screeners to assist with identifying children who may be at risk of a speech and language disorders; and
  • parent information evenings on topics related to speech, language and literacy.

Kate is acutely aware of the increasing demands placed on Teachers.  For this reason, Kate ensures that her strategies for supporting students with speech, language and literacy needs in the school and preschool environments are evidence-based, user friendly, incorporate the curriculum, are functional and realistic. If they aren’t they won’t be used, and that doesn’t help anyone.